Tweezers Set 4-piece – NikAmay Stainless Steel Slant Tip and Pointed Eyebrow Tweezer Set – Great Precision for Facial Hair, Ingrown Hair, Splinter, Blackhead and Tick Remover


4 Different Shapes Have Different Functions There are four of different tweezers in your kit,

1.Straight Tweezer: They will help grasp that stray hair parallel to the skin and can hold several hairs at once without going in at an angle

2.Slanted Tip: Chances are this is the type of tweezer you’re already using to tweeze your eyebrows. This classic tweezer is an eyebrow-tweezing staple as well as an awesome tool to apply fake lashes.

3.Pointed / ingrown tweezer: you’re going to want to be very careful. Use this type of tweezer to pluck fine, short and ingrown hairs. It’s also a lifesaver for removing splinters,

4.Combo: This tweezer is a great hybrid of the above styles, as its name implies. You will be able to pluck all hairs, from normal to very fine – and even remove splinters. So, if you’re just looking for a good tweezer that will help you clean up your brows and apply falsies every now and then, the Nikamay slanted tip tweezer is the best for you. If you need to be able to grab the finest hairs to make sure your eyebrows are perfect, pick up a pointed tweezer.

Here are the basics of how-to use Nikamay tweezers and tweezers maintenance: Prior to using tweezers clean the pads and arms using a cloth or cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol. This will not only ensure easier plucking using less pressure but by cleaning the arms/handles you will have a better grip for greater control. Pull hair from the lowest point of the hair closest to the root. This is also the strongest part of your hair follicle and will create the least amount of sting. Some people apply ice, hot compresses or cold compresses to the area before plucking to ease the sting, however we don’t recommend it. Keep it simple. Best known